At BLOODBROTHERS we will be part of the solution for the Climate Crisis. Essentially, what this means is that we won’t be just waiting for the best products, source materials, practices and policies that are out there to implement them. Quite differently, this means we will be actively searching, on a continuous base, for the better ways to make the ultimate eco-conscious surfboard. Our Research & Development is precisely focused on finding the best possible materials and solutions for out motto: THE SEARCH FOR THE ULTIMATE ECO-CONSCIOUS SURFBOARD.

The Bloody LAB will be partnering up with leading research institutions in the academia as well as industry leaders to promote the creation of the best possible eco responsible materials for the surf industry.


We are fully committed to THE SEARCH FOR THE ULTIMATE ECO-CONSCIOUS SURFBOARD. As such, all our boards are certified by the Ecoboard Project (an initiative by Sustainable Surf). At the moment, all our boards have the Level 1 certification (for using an ecological core – we use Polyola PU Eco-Blanks, the most ecological PU blank on the market). We are proud for this achievement but this is not enough. We still need to improve our processes. Apart from the “problem of the core” we need to address the “problem of the resins”. To better address the ecological consequences of the surf industry we need to upgrade our lamination processes to the exclusive use of bio based resins. This will allow us to qualify for the Gold Level certification, which we estimate will be happening fairly soon.

We are committed for an entire plastic free shipping for all products that leave our facilities. For the packaging of our surfboards we are partnering with Flexi-Hex – cardboard honey comb sleeves that protect all boards during shipping.

For each board (or skate, or bicycle) that leaves our facilities we will be planting 1 tree with One Tree Planted.

All wood used in our production (e.g., skates) is made with FSC certified wood.

      • CORE:
        • Blanks: Polyola PU Eco-Blanks (recycled and recyclable blanks)
          • made of recycled Polyol (80%) sourced from the packaging industry (post industrial) + virgin polyol + additives + water
          • MDI-based isocyanate made from 60% bio-circular material
          • at least 1/3 of the blank is not based on virgin fossil fuels (soon to be 2/3)
          • 100% recyclable
      • RESINS:
        • Polyester: we need to improve from the use of polyester resins, which are highly problematic for the environment (not only for their hydrocarbon source but also given the high toxicity of it’s high VOCs – volatile organic compounds), to bio based resins
    • SKATES:
      • Certified FSC wood
      • Plastic free shipping: Flexi-Hex packaging
    • Ecoboard Project: We now have Level 1 certification for all BLOODBROTHERS surfboards (next, to qualify for the Gold Level certification we will be transitioning from the use of polyester resins to bio based resins – epoxy or a new “bio based polyester resin“)
    • All boards certified by the Ecoboard Project by Sustainable Surf
    • Recycled and recyclable blanks with Polyola
    • Products with longer life cycles
    • Reduced use of fiberglass and resins
    • Handmade in Portugal
    • Local supply chain and craftmanship
    • All actions centred on sustainability
    • Plastic free shipping with Flexi-Hex
    • For each board (skate or bicycle) sold  will be planting one tree with One Tree Planted
    • Bicycles from recycled frames
    • Skates from recycled or FSC certified wood

The “traditional” surfboard industry as essentially two main problems. The “problem of the core” and the “problem of the resins”.

The “problem of the core” has to do with the inner part of a surfboard – the blank. The mostly common used blank is a PU (Polyurethane) blank, a product derived from oil that is not recyclable. At BLOODBROTHERS we are addressing the “problem of the core” by converting our entire line of products into the Polyola Eco-Blanks (which are made of 80% recycled polyol and are 100% recyclable).

The “problem of the resins” have to do with the lamination processes that make the inner part of a surfboard resistant to water and durable. The mostly common used resins by the vast majority of the surfboard industry are polyester resins. Polyester resins are a byproduct of oil and release highly toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds). At BLOODBROTHERS we are aware of this issue and are on the path to find a solution for our entire line of products.

So, after addressing the “problem of the core” we still need to find a proper solution for the “problem of the resins”. Our attention is now focused into finding the best possible resin (bio based epoxy or a “new” bio based polyester) to go along with our Eco blanks. By doing so we will have an entire process of surfboard production that is eco-responsible.

Gold level certification – Ecoboard Project